Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cookin’ Greens and The Yoga in Motion Event..

On April 11th, 2011,  Cookin’ Greens had the great pleasure of being part of The Yoga in Motion event hosted by Mount Sinai Hospital to raise money for breast cancer research. This was our first time as a product presenter at this event, from this perspective it was a wonderful day.
The other Cookin’ Greens  team members that participated, Cheryl & Alan, were also very impressed with the level of sophistication of the event held for this very important cause. It was held at the Liberty Grand a beautiful old building on the CNE grounds.Upon arrival,  we were greeted by a nice  (and very handsome) gentleman in his suit very “a la Men in Black” that held the door open for us as we entered. Talk about making us feel special.  

We then enter the presentation area located in the Renaissance Room. It was so nicely set up and organized: the presentation tables were draped in beautiful white table cloths. There was a stunning low hanging chandelier in the middle of the room.  They had set up comfy seating area for the participants to mingle and enjoy their complimentary treats.

So how did we do?? Cookin’ Greens was very well received by the participants. They raved about the freshness of our greens, the convenience and marvelled at how easy they are to work with.  

Overall Yoga in Motion is a very well organized event; everyone involved was gracious and helpful.  The participants and suppliers all received red carpet treatment. Not only will Cookin’ Greens be a part of this again next year but  hope to have a Cookin’ Greens Yoga team participating in the event as well!  

Way to go Mount Sinai. Thanks for having us! Looking forward to 2012.

Natalie  & the Cookin’ Greens Team

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